Become a licensed Partner

Web counseling has been shown to be more economical for both the counselor and the client. Especially for those therapists who are unwilling or cannot afford to rent commercial space thereby lowering overhead costs of capital, property, commuting and administration procedures when compared to traditional counseling services.

My-E-Health is unique in that it can offer you and your company a unique online platform. We have a very competitive licensing plan which includes unlimited access to the entire battery of psychometric tests, online platform and counseling guidelines. This means that you, in a proactive manner, can put the employee's best interests at hand. You can track a client's well-being and affect situational change prior to and warding off psychosomatic symptoms from occur.

Our license agreement means that your employees are provided with the necessary tools to handle difficulties which will help them contribute to improvements in the work environment. Of course, action plans, spreadsheets and new assessment tests will be updated and added continuously. As a licensee, you also have access to our consultants and psychologists if needed.

Modern company healthcare

Mental health is an important part of modern occupational health care. My-E-Health can become an important part of your company's health care package with turnkey solutions to prevent mental illness in the workplace and beyond.